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R 695.00

Put the sticks directly in the diffuser or use it as a refill for the reed diffuser.

Refill diffuser is sold without rattan sticks.

Capacity: 200 ml
Duration: 2 to 4 months.

Bergamot Calabria - A citrus orchard fragrances, both floral and tangy, bergamot is an elegant and delicious Calabrian treasure.

Sakura Japan - The Japanese cherry. Rich of infinite shades of pink, a poetic floral note softly powdered, fruity and slightly tangy.

Black Tea China - A slightly fruity tea scent. The province of Yunnan in China is well known for the quality of its teas.

Fig-tree Greece - A slightly acidulated green scent, combining the fragrance of the leaf, the sap and the fruit of the fig-tree.

Clove-tree Zanzibar - A spicy warm scent with an intense floral background, the clove-tree is reminiscent of the most legendary trading post, Zanzibar.

Rooibos South Africa - An herbaceous, slightly spicy scent, the rooibos is endemic to the Cederberg mountains in South Africa.For a stronger diffusion, turn the sticks. For a lighter diffuser, remove some sticks from the bottle.

Tuberose Mexico - A floral suave and elating scent. The tuberose is a flower originating from Central America.  Raw materials selected for their high level of quality.

Raw materials selected for their high level of quality.
Products made in France.


R 695.00

Customer Reviews

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I did NOT give you consent

I very explicitly asked when I had to enter my email address for my invoice if it is going to subscribe me for anything as I did not want to provide my email address and I was assured no.

I wanted a physical invoice.

Now I receive an email from you and I explicitly did not consent to it.

It is against POPIA and reportable to the Information Regulator.

Please explain to me how you go ahead with Direct electronic marketing without consent that is against POPIA? How do you justify yourself and how are you going to change this going forward. Cause IF I buy from you again, this will happen again unless you change your process.

Melanie van Vuuren

Brilliant service, well done


Love the diffuser. My lounge smells lovely all day